Why One Should Opt for Mattress Recycling Services?

You can’t use the same mattress for years down the line. You will need to replace it if it stops providing your back proper support. The mattress can also get dirty or get damaged due to years of use. But then you can’t dump the old mattress outside with the trash. Your city’s trash pickup will not remove the mattress along with the usual trash. So, what can you do?  The best option is to opt for a mattress recycling service. Doing so can offer you many benefits.

Consider these reasons to opt for a mattress recycling service.

Compliance with Law

A mattress is made up of different components; some of which can be recycled. Mattresses also contain chemicals, foam, and metal that can harm the soil and the environment. There are laws in place in every city and state about carelessly dumping the mattresses in landfills. You need to discard the mattresses properly to comply with the law.

A mattress recycling company can pickup it up from your house and take it to the appropriate dumping place where it can be recycled. A recycling center can remove springs, foam, fabric, and other materials from the mattress that can be recycled. The chemicals and parts that cannot be recycled will be discarded appropriately.

Several junk disposal companies offer mattress recycling services. You can find one in your city via online searches. Use keywords such as mattress recycling Austin (if this is your location) to find names of companies offering the service. Make sure to hire a licensed company that properly trains its workers to handle the recycling of mattresses and to handle heavy loads properly.


It is extremely convenient to opt for professional services to recycle your mattress than to tackle the task on your own. You can schedule the pickup as per your own convenience. The workers of the recycling company will pick the mattress from your home. You won’t need to inconvenience yourself in any way for discarding the mattress.

Reputed companies also offer easy scheduling and the option to choose a time for the pickup as per your suitability. You won’t need to wait for the city services to pick up bulk trash twice a year simply to get rid of your mattress. You can simply call the company to book the services. Some companies also offer bookings via their websites.


It is cost-effective to opt for mattress recycling services. You won’t need to rent a truck to haul away the mattress. If you have your own truck, you won’t need to fuel it up to go to the dedicated recycling centers. The dumping grounds are likely to be outside the city limits. So, the distance can be considerable. Professional cheap junk removal Austin services offer economical mattress recycling services for households. You can utilize them to save money in getting rid of the mattress and in the proper manner too.

Good for the Environment

It is good for the environment to opt for mattress recycling services. By doing so, you can ensure that the toxins from the mattress parts do not harm the soil, the groundwater, and the environment. The contaminated groundwater is ultimately going to harm plants, animals, and human lives.

Mattress recycling services offer a great alternative to families to discard old mattress responsibly and as per their city’s laws.

Ideal for your Well-Being

Many people continue to use their old mattresses as they do not know what to do with it in case they bring a new one. If the springs of your mattress are worn out or if it doesn’t offer you proper support; you need to replace it. Otherwise it can cause pain in your back and adversely affect your sleep. If there are bedbugs or mold in your mattress; the best thing is to do replace it with a new one.

With dedicated mattress recycling services in your city; you don’t need to worry about what to do with your old mattress. You may simply want to dump a mattress with bedbugs in the trash. But since you can’t do it without breaking the law; the best thing is to hire a mattress recycling service.