Benefits of Hiring Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Grease trap cleaning is an essential task for restaurants. There can be umpteenth hassles and loss of business without regular cleaning of grease traps. Hiring commercial grease trap cleaning services is one way to ensure that restaurants never need to face any such problems.

Consider these benefits of hiring commercial grease trap cleaning services.

Legal Compliance

It is mandatory by law in many states (such as Texas) across the United States to keep grease traps clean and unclogged. By hiring commercial grease trap cleaning services, you can ensure that your restaurant business is compliant with the law.

Commercial grease trap cleaning companies ensure that the work is done on time and as per the regulations in your city. When it comes to food-related businesses such as restaurants and diners (where fresh food is prepared), there are stringent laws and regulations in place for health reasons. Clean grease traps come under one such purview of the municipal laws.

For legal reasons, it is best to hire commercial services for grease trap cleaning as you might not be able to perform the task with the same standards as required by law.

Professional Services

Commercial grease trap cleaning services are offered by professionals in the field. When you hire one for your business, you can expect reliable and professional services at all times.

If you hire an established company with decades of industry experience, you can be rest assured that you won’t face any problems when it comes to the grease traps in your restaurant. The cleaning work will be completed as scheduled and without wasting any time.

If you attempt to clean the grease traps by yourself, it may take you more time than usual to complete the task. Professional cleaners are experts in removing all kinds of grit and fat from the grease traps without damaging the wires.

When you contact a commercial company for the first time, you can expect the courteous response and timely services. When you work with established businesses, you won’t face the problem of contractors or service providers disappearing after committing to the task or those who work erratically.


Grease traps collect fat and grease from the restaurant drains and stop it from clogging sewer lines. Without traps to collect the grease, the sink drains are bound to clog sooner rather than later. Eventually, the sewer lines will become blocked, causing the greasy water and gunk to back up in the sinks. Such blockages are simply not hygienic for restaurants and businesses where fresh food is prepared.

Uninterrupted Business Hours

Blocked drains and sewer lines can mean you have to close your restaurant for business until the problem is solved. The foul smell from the drains will be enough to drive away from the diners and the customers; let alone a kitchen with clogged sewer lines!

Commercial grease trap companies can also performed scheduled maintenance to ensure that there are no problems with the fittings of the apparatus. Professional cleaners can check if there are any components of the trap broken and fix the problem before it escalates.

When the grease traps in your restaurant are clean and well-fitted; you can ensure that your business runs smoothly without any inconvenience to you or your customers. With regularly scheduled services, you won’t face emergencies related to sewer blocks (where the culprit is the clogged grease trap).


Commercial services turn out to be economical in the long run. First, you won’t need to worry about paying fines due to non-compliance with the regulations about keeping the grease traps clean. Second, the grease traps won’t clog the sewers and interrupt your business. Third, with a professional touch, the grease traps will last you longer. Finally, if you opt for long-term contracts with the company, you might be able to save the cleaning costs to quite an extent.

Most commercial grease trap cleaning companies offer different types of service contracts. You can choose one as per your budget and requirements. You need not pay a great deal of money just to keep the grease traps clean.

Commercial grease trap cleaning services can be really helpful for restaurant business owners.