Five Hardwood Flooring Trends You Should Not Miss

For centuries hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ has been an epitome of luxury and class. And people have been popularly laying them around their house for their durability and elegance.

These floorings are a classic example of luxury without burning a hole in your pocket and giving overly priced hardwood synthetically covered materials a run for their money. But if you are someone who hasn’t already tried this real deal, you must be running behind the burning trends. Having said that, hardwood flooring Scottsdale AZ is a popular choice of people.

So, if you are looking forward to getting new flooring installed at your space, this post will tell you all you need to know about the new and hot trends. This guide is your way to just the right trends to follow for new designs and ideas.

1. Prefinished: A choice beyond the shackles of time, prefinished flooring has been the most practical choice of people. And this is the reason why people have picked it up so popularly. This kind of hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ saves your time and keeps your house clean, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the constant dirt, sand, stone, etc. and work your schedule around the labor time taken. This one is readied in the factory and is directly bought to your home to be placed without wasting any time.

2. Gray Tones: This is the time for more warm and gray tones for hardwood flooring in your house. The hues of mahogany have now faded out, the trends have changed and are no more the conventional styles. People have started experimenting with colors and patterns and started to include darker, light, and other shades of uncommon colors in hardwood flooring. If you go across touring the recently furnished houses, you will see the interiors have shifted from warm tones to more color infused gray tones. Of course, in this scenario, the flooring needs to be either painted or the color is to be infused in the material. There are a number of online and offline stores that make your life easier by offering these tones in hardwood flooring.

3. Eco friendly: The industry for interior designing and hardwood flooring has seen a major transformation and the inclination has amplified towards saving the environment. The industry for hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ has become more conscious of sustainability. A lot of people interested in changing their flooring have welcomed this idea with open arms and entertained a higher number of eco-friendly finished products.

4. Planks: To follow all the hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ trends you will have to be expectant of a number of new introductions in planks like whitewashed and gray tones. One of the top choices for flooring right now is bamboo, oak, birch, and blonde woods. These floors are no different from the cooler and gray tone floors that offer a more comprehensive matte look. Matte has been in popular demand nowadays, people have now gotten bored of looking at their floors shining and giving the gaudy sparkle more often than not, now a more subtle and classy tone suits everyone. It depicts class and is far more durable.

5. Kinds of Finish: The current popular kind of finish right now are matte and flat. They have taken a major dominating market for the hardwood flooring in Scottsdale AZ. You can choose between flooring that gives a matte look to your floor or you can also go for something that gleams with the look inclined more towards satin. The glow with satin flooring is subtle and classy. In comparison to the glossy, gaudy, and high shining floors, matte and flat floor look is far more low maintenance and demands no constant repairing.

So, if you are looking forward to getting your house decked up with some of the best hardwood floorings in Scottsdale AZ, this is just the post you should follow. By now you would have had ample idea about the kind of trends you need to follow and make your house look like something that just walked out of your dreams.