What are the Ways to Refinish Wooden Floors?

Refinish Wooden Floors

Hardwood floors can simply make the space look elegant and they can be integrated anywhere. You do not need to have a specific agenda on where to put the hardwood floor. The hardwood floors are super easy to maintain and clean on a daily basis. And that is why most of the people prefer hardwood floors at their houses. But there will be a time when your hardwood floor will need a change because of its wear and tear. But replacing the complete hardwood flooring can cost you huge bills.

Therefore, the affordable and time saving way is to have the wooden floor refinish. If your hardwood floor has suffered minor scratches and a few tears, it is advisable to opt for the refinishing process as it will save cost, time, labor, and most importantly the mess.

What type of hardwood floor do you have?

Firstly, you must know the type of hardwood floor that you have in your space. There are a lot of varieties of hardwood floors and sometimes replica that is made up of different materials. Once you determine the type of floor, it becomes easy for you to decide which refinishing technique to put to use. With refinishing you just need to sand down the floor, get rid of the impurities, and refinish it.

Sanding the floor

Sanding is considered as the hardest and challenging part. There’s a huge rotating drum that takes off the old finish when the proper sandpaper grades are used with the sander. You need to be careful with the dust if you are using a traditional sander then make sure to wear a mask. Once the sanding is done, you must clean the dust from every corner of the house. And once the dust settles, make sure to vacuum all over the place.

Use Chemical Abrasion kit

This is basically a do-it-yourself kit that you can find in any hardware store. There’s a chemical solution in the kit that sort of acts as a primer for the floor and takes off the old floor finish. Once the floor prepped, you need to scrub the floor properly and clean it and allow it to dry for some time. As this process is done, it is time to apply the fresh coat to refinish with the hardwood floors Installer. If you have any deeper scratches, you can apply one more coat and let it dry for 24 hours before moving into your furniture.

Use revitalizer gloss

The pocket-friendly way to refinish the hardwood floor is to use a revitalizer as it easily reinstates the old looking dull wooden hardwood floors and fills in all the scratches. It also gives a super glossy finish to the floor with minimum efforts involved. All you need to do is clean the floor properly, take out all the dust and apply the revitalizer, and spread it across the floor with the help of a mop. Let it dry for 24 hours, and you good to go.

Buffing the floor

This is a technique by using a buffer for the floor instead of any liquid. With buffing, you are scraping off the old finish so that it can match up with the new one. In this process, you are not entirely sanding to take off the scratches and the finish, you are just roughing it up. This is a very quick-fix solution to get rid off the minor scratches off the hardwood floor.

Expert opinion

Though there are DIY solutions to almost everything. Also, you can do the wooden flor refinish on your own, but it does take a lot of headaches. Do it is better to always consult an expert as they know every minute detail when it comes to refinishing. You, of course know what is best for your floors, but taking an opinion would help you to make a better decision. Remember, that sanding and application of the finishing coat are the two important things, if that happens correctly, you will see your old floors shining like a diamond.