Tips for Septic Tank Maintenance

Why Septic Tank Maintenance?

Septic tank is a must for all buildings, without which the removal of wastewater will become a tiresome and vexing task. That said, the tank should be created and maintained properly. If this is not the case, for sure, there will be problems sooner or later, which will make peaceful living impossible. This is an underground chamber, in which the human waste stored. The big hard bits settle down at the bottom part, while the less weighty parts like the oil or grease particles stay on the top layer and form the scum. The wastewater goes out through a pipe to the drain line or to the ground absorption area.

The main point that one should remember here is that, only when the septic tank maintenance is proper, the system will work without a flaw for quite a long time. If it is not in the right manner, then there will be a whole lot of problems, and this will make the related area nasty. Normal pleasant human habitation becomes impossible.

Tips for Septic Tank Maintenance

There are some basic tips, which will make the septic tank maintenance effective. Practically, these will be of much help to you.

Regular Inspection is a Must: As a common arrangement, the pumping out of septic tanks must be carried out within 3 to 4 months. However, this condition can vary depending on various factors such as the size of the tank, the total regular users, and the way of usage. Hence, it is advisable to check the location of the septic tank now and then. This safety check is an essential part of septic tank maintenance. If you find something unusual like dampness around some spots near the tank or little bits of grass here and there, you can suspect that something is wrong. Here, you must arrange for a professional inspection.

Do Periodic Cleaning: Whether you have found out a problem or not, it is always sensible to do the septic tank pump out regularly. You can do this in accordance with the accepted period of 3 to 4 years. Thus you can safeguard the proper functional capacity of the tank. However, you must not do this task in an unprofessional way. You must hire the expert services of an established and reliable plumbing company for the same.

Disciplined Usage:  You must closely monitor the usage. The users must be aware of the problems that may arise when there is improper usage. One must not throw unwanted objects like sanitary napkins, kid’s napkins, cotton swabs, etc., into the toilet basin. The list of the other things that one should not put into the toilet bowls include condoms, cigarettes, paper towels, oil, fats, or grease residues, etc.

Useless Water:  Using less water is another way to protect the septic tank from the probable problems. When water usage is extreme, there is a possibility of damages to the drain field. Even otherwise, wasting water, which has become so precious in the modern world, is not an advisable thing.

Avoid Chemicals: You must not use any kinds of chemicals like the floor cleaners to clean the toilet bowl. Such chemicals will destroy the bacteria, which is essential for the proper decaying of the waste. When the decaying process is delayed or stopped, a foul odor will spread all through the neighborhood, and this will spoil the pleasant environment.

Prevent Water Overflow: There is another precaution that you can take to prevent the possible damage that may occur to the septic tank system. Avoid the overflow of water from the roof or other places over the septic tank. When there is surplus water in and around the septic tank system, then that will make the system weak.

Arrange a Maintenance Contract: You can arrange a contract for septic tank maintenance with a reliable plumbing company. When there is a regular professional inspection, you will not have to worry about any problems that may occur to your septic tank. However, you must pick an experienced and established company.