The Home Décor Fabric Guide

The wrong upholstery fabrics can cause you inconveniences and also lead to a waste of your money if not durable. So, you need to consider several factors about each fabric choice to make the right selection for your home.

Here is a handy home décor fabric guide you can peruse to make the right upholstery selection.

Types of Fabrics

There are two main categories of upholstery fabrics – natural and synthetic.

Cotton, linen, and silk are some common natural upholstery fabrics.

Cotton – A strong material, cotton is prone to wrinkling. But it is very responsive to dyes, so cotton is available in many colors.

Due to its texture, it is also vulnerable to soiling. For this reason, pure cotton can be inconvenient to clean and maintain. It is best to use cotton upholstery when it is blended with one or more synthetic fabrics. But pure cotton has its own unique appeal. If you are not bothered by wrinkles and upkeep, use pure cotton upholstery unabashedly in a variety of colors and designs. But when buying pure cotton upholstery, choose only reputable brands such as Waverly home decor fabric.

Linen – It is similar to cotton in texture. It is more resistant to stains than cotton and is also easier to clean in comparison. But linen works best when blended with synthetic fabrics.

Silk – It is expensive than cotton and linen and was very popular in use before the advent of synthetic upholstery fabrics. It is still in use for making luxury fabrics for upholstery and home furnishings.

Silk can fade easily especially with sun exposure. It requires dry cleaning or special cleaning agents especially formulated for silk. If you want to buy silk upholstery but are bothered by the high price range, shop at any reputable online discount fabric store to find the best deals. Online fabric and design stores offer discounted and sale items from time to time and you can take advantage of it.

Rayon, nylon, acrylic, and polyester are some commonly-used synthetic upholstery fabrics.

Rayon – A very popular upholstery material, rayon is often blended with polyester and other fabrics to create finer fabric blends. Rayon on its own doesn’t do very well in humid weather conditions. It can shrink and become limp. Viscose is a type of rayon and is also used to make upholstery fabrics.

Nylon – A very durable material, it is a popular choice for making upholstery fabric. It dyes easily and has a shine that looks good. Nylon is excellent to use in upholstery that will be more prone to wear and tear such as with kids or pets. It is also very easy to clean.

Acrylic – A strong material, it doesn’t stain or fade easily. It is also resistant to insects and mildew so acrylic is often used in upholstery for outdoor use.

Polyester – A lustrous material, polyester is soft in texture. It is used alone or blended with other fabrics. It is also very durable and can take a lot of wear and tear. It is a good fabric to use in sunlight as it doesn’t fade easily. Polyester is also very easy to clean and maintain. It is often mixed with cotton, linen, and other synthetic materials to create durable upholstery fabrics.

Fabric Buying Guide

Once you know the type of fabric options you have for upholsteries, you can make an informed decision about your home décor needs. Also consider the following tips –

  • Always opt for a brand name when buying upholstery fabric. For instance, Waverly home décor fabric is not only stylish but also durable and economical.
  • When shopping from an online discount fabric store, also consider the quality of the products and not only prices. An expensive fabric may not always turn out to be durable.
  • Choose both style and convenience when buying upholstery fabric. Buy only from brands where you don’t have to compromise over one for another. Look for brands such as Waverly home décor fabric that offers an extensive range of materials, patterns, colors, and styles.

Take your time in selecting the right upholstery fabric with an exceptional design.