What to Expect from Septic Tank Pumping Companies?

It is important to schedule regular pumping, inspection, and maintenance of septic tanks. Not doing so can result in problems related to septic tanks.

Without proper cleaning and maintenance work, it is quite possible that it will lead to septic tank system failure. Replacement costs for septic tanks can be very high. Even extensive septic tank repairs can be very expensive. A failed septic tank system can pollute the groundwater and increase the risk for the nearby residents to contract infections. So, it is imperative to hire the right professionals for septic tank cleaning and maintenance work.

Here’s what to expect from septic tank pumping companies.

Speedy and Reliable Services

Septic tank pumping companies must offer speedy and thorough services. When you have an emergency related to the septic tank, you simply can’t afford to wait for the service professionals to arrive a day or even hours later. Any delay in servicing the septic tank can result in system failure or you may need to shell out thousands of dollars to repair it.

So, expect septic tank pumping companies to offer you speedy, reliable, expert services when you hire them for a job.

Clarity on Service Pricing

Before you hire a septic tank pumping company, get clarity on the costs for the services. Expect the company to offer you an estimate as per specific services such as dumping fees, lid charges, and their hourly rates. Request them for a quote, which the company should provide for free. Ask them if they charge anything for the inspection work.

You need to know upfront if the charges for the septic tank work are affordable for you or not. Not being diligent about it can bring in unexpected surprises when it is time for you to pay the company for its services.

The Right Experience

Whenever possible; aim to hire a company with extensive experience in servicing and pumping septic tanks. All the employees of the company must possess the right training and the experience to work on septic tanks efficiently.

Make sure to inquire about the number of years the company has been offering services related to septic tanks before you hire one. Ask them if they offer both commercial and residential septic tank pumping services. A company offering only residential services may not possess the right-sized equipments to pump septic tanks in commercial spaces or even large households. Septic tanks have different capacities in terms of storage. So, the company must be able to provide you services as per your requirements.

Proper Licenses and Insurance

The company you wish to hire must have a proper business license and insurance to provide the services related to septic tanks. Only businesses with proper paperwork and training are issued licenses by the authorities. So, you can rest assured that a company with the right licenses is a safe bet a far as their training for their service offerings go.

The company must also have the proper insurance to cover on-site accidents or injuries. When you hire an insured service company, you can protect yourself from liabilities that can mean you making payouts to them in case of on-site injuries.

Almost all professional and reliable service companies obtain the necessary licenses and buy insurance to protect their businesses. Expect them to provide you information about it when you ask them.

Excellent Customer Service

You may often need to deal with the people working in a septic tank pumping company if you regularly hire them for the job. Septic tanks require pumping annually or every 2-3 years. Even if the pumping work is not required in any given year; annual inspections are often necessary.

The company owner or the concerned employees of the company must maintain records about the septic tank/s they pump on your property and remember to provide you services as needed without you having to repeat yourself.

The service team must also be courteous, friendly, and still be professional about their work. In case you need to file a complaint with them regarding a service offered; their team must possess the right attitude to listen to you and offer support as needed.