Smoke Odor Removal — A Better Lifestyle

smoke odor removal

One of the worst lingering odors in any home is the smell of smoke. Whether it is a wildfire or a house fire, or whether the present or former inhabitants of the home are consumers of cigarettes, cigars, or other things, the smell of smoke takes over, and it is absolutely unmistakable. If there has been a fire, the problem is even worse. Clean air to breathe is impossible find, and smoke and residues can cause property damages. The first thing to do after a fire, or after someone stops smoking, is to look into smoke odor removal. Everybody will be happier and healthier.

However, cleanup is not that simple. Smoke odor removal can be a challenge because it is so much more than giving the home a good clean. There is likely to be more to clean up than just the furniture, and the walls. If the smoke and fire damage has been great, then the air ducts and ventilation systems may need to be cleaned as well. This is a professional job; calling in professionals on this one will improve the breathability of the air and your overall quality of life.

If a fire has occurred, it is important to remember that smoke does as much lasting damage to property as flames may do. Smoke travels and invades even the smallest cracks. Getting rid of the smell is much more than just getting rid of the odor, which is how smoke odor removal services can help.

The smell is everywhere!

You already know that the smell of cigarette smoke gets everywhere. Cigarettes have tobacco, toxic chemical additives, paper, tar, and many more things that are no longer wanted in the home. No matter what the cause of the smoke odor, smoke odor removal is an issue. Smoke travels throughout the building and bonds itself to fabrics and furniture, to drapes, to carpets, and even to the walls. If smoke has been left for a time, or if it has been a problem for a long time, then even the freshly laundered items can quickly pick up lingering odors. When it comes to floors, walls, and ceilings, it is not just the odor that causes the problems. Discoloration and damage also occurs.

So what can the smoke odor removal professionals do?.

In order to really enjoy the better lifestyle that will come from smoke odor removal, it is necessary to look at professional cleaning services. But what can an environmental air cleaning, smoke remediation service do that property owners can’t do on their own? They can permanently eradicate the odor, doing so much more for the home than a good cleaning can do. In fact, soap, water, and perfumes do not permanently eradicate the smoke; they just mask the problem.

In so many areas of this country, smoke odor removal services have to do more than just clean up after tobacco smokers. Wildfires and other major disasters fill the air with smoke and ash, turning “fresh” air into a hostile environment. Ash can come from a great distance, and the toxic air from outside can permeate throughout the neighborhood.

Have the air ducts cleaned

No matter what the cause of the smoke odor, it must be removed thoroughly and completely. A professional cleaning company can help with washing the walls, the floors, and all available surfaces with special soaps and chemicals, and that is a good start. Smoke odor removal includes things like a good clean of the air ducts, the HVAC system, and all the filters. Whether it is a private home or a commercial building, this is especially necessary after a forest fire or disaster. The benefits are clean air that allows everyone to breathe easily, live better, and feel better.

Call professional smoke odor removal services and have air ducts, HVAC systems, furnaces, and filters cleaned. It may seem that these systems are moving clean air, but they are only spreading the bad air and odors to a wider area. Call in these service professionals to inspect the home so they can explain wider damage, and the codes and regulations that the cleaning can meet.