Rustic Bedroom Furniture – The Key to a Stylish Bedroom

From newly built homes to studio apartments, home office spaces, and weekend log cabins, the rustic trend is everywhere. This interior décor theme is nothing new and probably has been around for ages (in barns, countryside homes etc.), even before it started emerging as an inspiration for home décor. But recently, it has witnessed a renewed interest with designers and homeowners keen on adding at least some element of rustic to homes. This is probably because nothing adds more warmth and a welcoming feel to home spaces than the rustic style. Furniture, lighting, décor, and many other objects can help bring the feel of the countryside to your home instantly. In this post, we explore how rustic furniture can add a stylish edge yet cozy vibe to the private spaces in your home – the bedroom.

Why use rustic bedroom furniture?

Rustic furniture predominantly comprises of wood, a natural material, which is also eco-friendly. The immense variety in the kind of wood, its texture, quality, grain, color, and so on offers you myriads of options when buying or custom manufacturing bedroom furniture. Darker lumber with deep brown stains impart a vintage touch and exude the beauty of an heirloom piece. Lighter wood has a simple, unsophisticated, and toned-down appearance, making it an ideal choice for those who love the barn or countryside feel. Repurposed or reclaimed lumbers too lend a similar look and feel, but also bring living spaces closer to nature.

Another beautiful thing about rustic furniture is that they can be paired with almost any other kind of interior theme. So, if you do not want a strictly rustic home, but would love to add a wooden accent here or there, rustic furniture is your best bet. Wooden furniture also probably has a number of handcrafted designs than other material. You can find a large number of one-of-a-kind, custom-made designs online and use them as an inspiration for your rustic bedroom furniture. Commissioning them isn’t a tedious job either because many manufacturers and suppliers of rustic furniture offer custom made pieces as well.

Unique rustic bedroom furniture ideas

Here are some tips to add interest to your bedroom with rustic furniture:

• Make the bed the centerpiece – the bed is usually the largest furniture piece within the bedroom and choosing a wooden design made from oak, teak, cherry, alder etc. lends an instant, earthy feel to this private spot in your home. For an unsophisticated feel, choose a design that exposes the natural grain of the wood as much as possible. For a countryside feel, use reclaimed wood on the cot or a repurposed barn door as the headboard.

• Repurpose a crate as a nightstand – the beauty of rustic lies immensely in repurposing old or discarded objects into something completely new and worthy. Wooden crates are a favorite among hoarders of rustic objects and the same can serve as a stunning bedside stand with a little finishing touch. A gentle buff and a little polish can do wonders to wooden crates and turn them into objects of beauty in your bedroom.

• Give grandma’s cupboard a coat of bright paint – if you are one of those lucky people who has been passed on heirloom furniture pieces, don’t sell them out yet. The cupboard or armoires that adorned your grandma’s room could just be the perfect rustic solution for your bedroom. Give it a coat of white or bright paint and brush off with sandpaper for a distressed finish. You have an eye-catching and trendy rustic furniture piece perfect for your bedroom.

• Use a rustic bar stool – here’s another interesting idea for a bedside stand. If you need just basic stuff and a minimal number of things at your disposal during the night, consider placing a short, cushion-less bar stool next to your bed. Use just a single one or as a pair for symmetric look and more storage.

There are absolutely no limits to how you can lend a rustic charm to your bedroom using furniture. Take cues from these or browse for more to build a dream rustic bedroom, which also serves as the coziest place on earth for you.