Rodent Proofing – Preventing Rodent Infestations

Rodent infestations can steal your peace of mind. Mice and rats are hardy, persistent creatures and capable of wreaking great havoc if you let them have an unchecked run of your house. A few nibbled biscuits are the least of your worries; they will also chew their way through electrical wires, appliance cords, insulation, picture frames, cupboards, books, bags, shoes, clothes, and more.

Additionally, as they have no bladder control, they will urinate with abandon over all your prized possessions. It will not only stink up your house and pose a health risk, but it will also invite other rodents to come to join in on the fun.

Setting rat traps or poison are messy and cruel options that few homeowners might be willing to do year-round. Also, poisoned rats usually end up poisoning the local wildlife and harming the environment.

It will be far better if you take concrete steps to prevent rodent infestations in the first place. Hire a rodent proofing services company and have them seal up every possible rodent entry point into your home.

Here’s what the rodent proofing services company will do to bar rodents permanently from your premises:

Investigate your home for possible rodent entry points

The rodent proofing services company will check the interior and exterior of your house, from the foundation to the attic area, to discover holes or openings through which mice and rats might get in. They will check around door and window frames for gaps and signs of gnawing; rodents often gnaw on door or window edges to make holes for entry. The company servicemen will also check drain pipes, air ducts, roof shingles, roof ventilators, vent screens, utility entry points, and chimneys.

After completing their home investigation, they will come up with appropriate rodent proofing solutions and give you an estimate for implementing those.

Seal all discovered rodent entry points

Once they’ve determined the entry points, the rodent proofing services company will seal off smaller holes with steel wool or copper mesh and use metal sheeting or hardware clothing for larger holes. Steel wool is a good deterrent for rodents as they dislike the crackling it makes. The rodent control servicemen will further use caulk and mortar to fix the holes.

They will cap chimneys to prevent mice and rats from gaining entry through it and paint glossy paint around vertical pipes or fix circular metal bands on them to prevent rodents from climbing up them. Additionally, they will replace broken or cracked panels, screens, or glass panes and fix metal plates over the edges to deter rodents.

Clean and disinfect rodent entry points

Given their sharp sense of smell, rodents can track pheromones that other rats secrete. That is why, where you get one or two rats or mice, a whole troupe soon follows. Getting rid of the stink is, therefore, an important part of rodent-proofing your house.

The cleaning servicemen will remove and clean up the rodent droppings and urine they encounter while checking your house for entry points. By disinfecting the areas with a strong disinfectant, they get rid of the rodent pheromones that would have drawn other rats.

Trim overgrown garden plants

If you have branches touching your house or creepers going up your walls, be aware that these can act as entry bridges and ladders for rats and mice to get into the house. The company’s servicemen will trim the branches and cut or remove the creepers. Rodents will no longer be able to run along with them or climb up them to get into your house.

The servicemen will also trim thick shrub bottoms to expose their trunks and prevent rodents from nesting underneath.

Clean up the yard

As part of their rodent proofing services, the company will remove overgrown grass, fallen leaves, and other debris from your yard. They will remove uneaten pet food, cover garbage bins, and open water sources. With nowhere to hide, nothing to eat, and nothing to drink, mice and rats will stop visiting your yard.

As you see, prevention is the best option when it comes to handling rodents. Call a company providing rodent proofing services and make sure your home is well-protected at all times.