Reclaimed Wood Flooring – What Makes it So Special

reclaimed wood flooring arizona

Are you thinking about a home makeover? Well, what is that first thing that comes to your mind about it? Of course, it has to be about the flooring. As we all know flooring plays a huge role in defining your home and on that note, you must choose the right one. The popular choice that we all see nowadays is the reclaimed wood flooring as it not only adds a charm and story to your home but also is sturdy and durable. Thus, if you are looking for reclaimed wood flooring Arizona, remember that you are doing the right thing.

You all will agree to the fact that no matter what, we all are driven towards those things that have the hint of nature in it. It is human nature to love trees and wood is an inseparable part of our lives. When you have the reclaimed wood floorings in your home, it not only gives a vintage feel to it but also connects you and your home to mother nature.

Be it your personal space or a commercial premise, reclaimed wood will always add a charming look to it. So basically, the reclaimed wood is that kind of wood that was already used in a building somewhere long back ago. That includes industrial warehouses, factories, old barns, railroad trestles to name a few. The flooring is sourced from these structures and they look supremely stylish and eco-friendly. Many times, you can find the wood that is harvested over 200 years ago.

Preserve the history

How about having the reclaimed wood from an old barn or an old retired ship? You are surely adding a history to your home and preserving it and keeping the legacy alive. Since the reclaimed wood is sourced from different places likes these, you are keeping alive the string of the past in the present and the future.

Strong and durable

You do not Want to redo your floorings every 10 years because you did not check the quality of it in the first place. However, it is not in the case of the reclaimed wood flooring. It not just looks classic but is extremely strong and durable in terms of quality. Since it is sourced from old structures, remember that these structures in the old times were built only from durable timbers and that is why these buildings stood right there for such a long period. We live in times, where air pollution is at its maximum level and the lumbar that is used today is weaker as compared to the old wood.

Out of the box look

When you are deploying the reclaimed wood flooring in your home, it is going to have that typical weathered look because of the aging. Which in turn would create a unique touch to your home or commercial premises. The reclaimed wood floorings are unique because the processing methods applied to them are different than the regular ones.

You can find various species of wood for your flooring that are not normally available ranging from quarter-swan oak, chestnut, heart pine to name a few. These rare finds will give an uncommon look to your home that will be different from all the usual American flooring styles. These reclaimed woods have different shades of colors to every piece because of the fluctuating salt levels because of which the shade difference can be seen in the woods.


Who doesn’t want to do things within the budget! If you are considering doing your flooring, then the wood flooring Paradise Valley is going not to be just eco-friendly, but they will be budget-friendly as well. As compared to the hardwood that would cost you thousands of dollars doe restoration, the same job could be done by the reclaimed wood without making a hole in your pocket. Be sure that the reclaimed wood floors are reasonable, and you get astonishing quality and durability while saving your hard-earned money.

Thus, the next time when you are confused about the type of flooring you need for your home, be assured that the reclaimed wood flooring Arizona is the right choice for your needs as it will give that rustic and classy touch to your abode.