Need to Find a Trusted Commercial HVAC Company? Try These Four Tips

The requirement of commercial properties for HVAC systems differs markedly from residential properties. There are different types of a commercial building; each requiring a distinct set of the HVAC system based on the dimensions of the property and the need for cooling and heating for the building. Only well-trained technicians with experience can provide impeccable commercial HVAC services. So, it is imperative to find the right contractor for your commercial HVAC requirements.

Consider these four tips to find a trusted commercial HVAC company or contractor.

Look for the right technical know-how

It is always a good idea to hire HVAC contractors with proper technical certifications to confirm their technical skills and knowledge. When hiring an HVAC company for your commercial property, you would want only the best technicians to work for you. Anything less than perfect knowledge can be harmful for your business. So, check if the commercial HVAC contractors have obtained NATE certifications before hiring them.
NATE or North American Technical Excellence is an independent certification organization for the HVAC professionals. HVAC technicians need to undergo stringent technical tests to obtain their NATE certificates. So, always choose an HVAC company where technicians are NATE-certified.

So, if you require commercial HVAC companies in Houston then first and foremost look for establishments with NATE-certified technicians. Once you find one such company or more only then consider other hiring factors.

Check the experience for commercial HVAC work

There is a lot of difference between commercial and residential HVAC installations. For the former, you require different kinds of systems and mechanisms.

Due to the structure of the commercial buildings, the installation of HVAC systems often becomes complicated. It requires technicians to think on their feet and come up with the right solutions to the installation problems. The technicians will need to consider the right placement for the HVAC systems along with the drainage. The equipments will need to be ideal for the needs of the commercial building. So, you need to find a company with technicians experienced in installing HVAC systems for different types of commercial properties.

Pay attention to cost benefits

When hiring an HVAC company, you need to consider the long-term requirements of your commercial property. It is best to hire the same company for installation, preventive maintenance, and repair work if possible. But if you end up hiring different companies for installation and repair work, consider cost benefits of maintenance services for long-term contracts

Ask prospective companies about the discounts and offers on service contracts. Compare the benefits offered by different companies and then decide on one best suited for your requirements. The discounts only work if their work is also impeccable. If a technician does subpar work but offers great discounts then it doesn’t offer you any real benefits. You will probably end up spending more on repairing the faulty installation.

Favor a contractor offering emergency services

It is very important for commercial establishments to have access to reliable emergency HVAC services. So, find out in advance what kind of emergency services an HVAC company offers before hiring them for long-term work.

Some contractors only offer emergency services for a few hours after closing for the day. But there are some companies that offer 24/7 services to commercial properties all year round. So, if the HVAC system in your office stops working in the middle of the busy holiday season, you will be able to call your contractor any time of the day or night to take care of the problem. If the HVAC system malfunctions before you are set to meet new clients, you can call emergency services to quickly look into the problem.

It is better to hire a contractor who offers 24-hour emergency services for all HVAC-related issues. You can ask prospective companies to provide you with the details of the emergency services before making your hiring decision. Get an idea about the approximate cost of these services based on the dimensions of your commercial property. But it is vital that you hire a company offering 24-hour emergency services for commercial properties.