All About Minka Lavery Lighting Fixtures

There’s nothing like a well-designed light fixture that adds illumination and beauty to a home. Minka Lavery, a brand specialized in the art of decorative lighting, offers an extensive collection of creative lighting fixtures and timeless classics. The brand excels in designing, producing, and presenting decorative lighting products for the enjoyment of their customers. Underneath every product offered by this is their dedication to service and quality, and the insistence on high standards that exceed expectations.

Lighting products and solutions

The range of Minka Lavery lighting fixtures and related products is one that is unparalleled and unmatched by most other brands in the industry. The lineup offered by the brand includes fixtures for ambient or general lighting such as chandeliers, hanging fixtures, flush and semi flush mounts, pendant lighting, mini pendant lighting, mini chandeliers, island lighting, and so on. They also offer lights for task and accent purposes such as table lamps, floor lamps, light trails, wall lamps, wall brackets, sconces, mirror lights, vanity lights, outdoor lights, as well specialized LED lights. In addition to solutions for interior, Minka Lavery also offers lights to be used in outdoor spaces such as post lights, outdoor LED lights, and so on. The brand also offers an irresistible lineup of accessories for the lights that they produce.

Lights for different rooms

While the primary purpose of a light fixture is illuminating dark spaces, such a product is also needed to blend with the aesthetics of space that it is placed in. Also, different rooms and spaces in the house, be they interior or exterior spaces, have different lighting needs, which could be general, task-based, or accent based that enhance the beauty and a feel of the room. For this reason, the lighting products offered by Minka Lavery are designed to cater to the lighting needs of different rooms. You are sure to find among the many different products that they offer, at least one well matched light for your bathroom, dining room, foyer, kitchen, utility room, bedroom, family room, hallway, living room, or even outdoor space.

Varied Styles

Homes today are built around different themes or schemes that are visible in the indoor as well as outdoor areas. Hence, the lighting fixture that is used in such theme based homes needs to fit in with the remaining design elements and decor items, so as to create a smooth and seamless look. For this reason, Minka Lavery offers lighting fixtures and product across different styles. These include traditional lights designed around classic, vintage, and evergreen inspirations, contemporary lights designed with bold, sophisticated, and minimalistic features, transitional lights that draw influences from both traditional as well as contemporary designs, and other unique styles such as rustic, industrial and so on.

Color and Finish Options

To be able to fit into a particular style, the lighting fixture also needs to have a color and finish that matches the interior or exterior design scheme. Minka Lavery pendants, chandeliers, sconces etc. for this reason are available in a wide variety of finishes that includes colors such as Black, Brown, and White, metallic ones such as Gold, Silver, Brass, Iron, Chrome, Bronze, Copper and Nickel, and textured one such as Stone and Pewter, and other unique finishes.

Energy Star Qualification

As important as the aesthetics of a lighting product are its functionality and performance. For those who are conscious of energy consumption needs and their contribution to the environment, Minka Lavery offers lighting products with energy star qualification. These light fixtures consume less or energy and dissipate lower amount of heat as compared to conventional products.

From Minka Lavery chandeliers to pendants, sconces, and even wall and table lamps, the brand offers a wide variety of lighting fixtures in series for fluidity in home decoration. These fixtures characterized by meticulous workmanship in a wide range of materials, colours, sizes and finishes are suitable for homes of all kinds.