Make a Style Statement with Hubbardton Forge Lighting Fixtures

Unsurprisingly, planning to make a style statement with a trendy touch to your interiors is a brilliant thought. Nonetheless, whatever you invest toward your home interior, keep in mind that without having lighting fixtures synchronizing to those features is pointless. No surprise, illumination plays a crucial role in modern age to give your home ornamentation endeavor a real dramatic look. With the evolvement of the industry, lighting no more plays ‘behind the scene’ when it comes to home or commercial place décor.

In the midst of various lighting fixtures, the increasing popularity of pendants and chandeliers among homeowners has been worth mentioning. Incidentally, in indoor décor, the concept of industrial finishing in domestic sector has received widespread acceptance among the new generation. Many of them are found curious to know if industrial pendant lights can effectively match with contemporary or traditional interiors.

Industrial Pendant Lights- A Newest Trend

Most importantly, the industrial pendant lights are now found in extensive designs with combination of metal and glass finishes. Remember, for finding the exactly matching set of industrial pendants for your living room or dining area, you need considering various themes, factors, and features concerning the interior. Talk to the experts at Hubbardton forge chandeliers and Hubbardton forge pendants and you’ll be suggested great pairs of industrial pendants integrated with weathered colors like copper, bronze or steel matching to the situate.

Mini Pendants

Brilliant lighting concepts for small apartment that not only promote your interior design program but also provide adequate focused lighting to complete activities from laundry to cooking and dinning to housekeeping.

Drum Pendants

With super stylish aesthetic and mind-boggling designs drum pendants are ideally designed fitting to kitchen counter, dinning place or bedroom side makeup tables and more. You can find ample verities in terms design and materials including crystal, burlap, glass and more.

Trendy Pendants

Available in multi-strand lighting they can offer unobtrusive, high profile image of your kitchen, study room, balcony, living room and more. Think of super-genius crystal pendants available with Hubbardton forge chandeliers and Hubbardton forge pendants to boost the visual of your space like a palace.

Whether Pendants or Chandeliers?

Even though, the idea of pendant illumination and chandeliers fixtures has become extremely catchy, however, due to widespread confusion between these two types, many people find it difficult to determine which kind of lighting should be the best match for specific home areas.

 Please understand that both pendant and chandeliers are the lighting types that need suspension from the ceiling downward with a chain, chord, or pole. Chandeliers are typically the illumination systems embrace a number of branches with multiple arms holding a light while pendants are single lighting systems.

 Thus, the main variation is found in their sizes considering which is vital because elaborate fixture of chandelier takes significantly much space then single pendant lightings. If the room is small like library, you can consider elegant designs of pendants but not a chandelier.

 Chandeliers are best fit with traditional decorative styles whereas the pendant is a lighting fixture, which can be used widely for all types of contemporary interior designs. Both are available in spectacular designs with hubbardton forge chandeliers and hubbardton forge pendants.

 You will get pendants made of materials like nickel, bronze or brushed steel and tinted glass shades; however, chandeliers typically use traditional substances such as crystal, wrought iron, high-class brush steel. Chandeliers are ideal fit for dining room, hall, and outdoor events or banquet hall etc.

 Pendant lights provide focused light or task light in small area whereas chandeliers can take care of larger space with higher amount of lighting ability.


Consider using immensely designed chandeliers for entryway, living room, dining room, home office room considerably big in size. For pendants, you can choose every room and corner of your home from din table, bathroom, library, kitchen, office, and balcony.