Light Up Your Space with Hudson Valley Lighting Fixtures

Hudson Valley lighting is a brand it is popular for its decorating light fixtures that enhance the warmth and comfort of a home, while simultaneously serving as a focal point of style and self-expression. Drawing inspiration from the cosmopolitan glamour of Manhattan, architectural history of colonies, industrial beauty of 19th century factories, and the elegance of the pristine wildernesses and landscape, these light fixtures showcase design as diverse and exciting as a person’s imagination. From elegant neoclassical designs to those inspired by industrial themes, these light fixtures exude signature styles perfect for today’s eclectic interiors. The light fixtures by Hudson Valley lighting showcase craftmanship and style along with intractable standards. Characterized by high quality materials in superior manufacturing techniques that include heavy casting, hand drawn finishes etc., these fixtures are sure to look beautiful for generations to come. The legacy of this brand spans over 30 years and they successfully deliver impeccable designs with superior form and finish to homes small and large across the globe. The brand stays at the forefront with a constant, closes attention to detail as well as craftmanship and quality.

Product categories of light fixtures

Hudson Valley lighting offers products across the following categories.

• Bath and vanity

Bathrooms often have limited spaces while the requirements for lighting in them is heightened. In order to meet needs of shaving, grooming, applying makeup etc., Hudson Valley offers a range of vanity lights that may be placed above on or next to a mirror to personalize your private space.

• Chandeliers

Chandeliers are the first kind of lighting that comes to people’s mind when they think of light fixtures. These glamorous and glittering lighting products are showstoppers and breath takers no matter the scenario. They radiate the maximum light among different lighting product and set the stage in home entryways, living rooms, or guest rooms. The range of chandeliers by Hudson Valley is available in many different styles and finishes to match different interior themes effortlessly.

• Flush and semi flush mounts

Flush and semi flush mounts cast ambient light down from the ceiling. In functional rooms with limited space, they add a dramatic statement while lending much-needed illumination. Be it in a bathroom, a laundry room, a bathroom, or a windowless hallway, flush and semi flush mounts from Hudson Valley and a touch of luxury and subdued refinement that sets the space apart.

• Island light

Kitchen islands are used for many different purposes. From slicing and dicing vegetables to helping your child with his or her own homework, and examining different ingredients, the space is an inevitable part of your kitchen and life. And so, it needs task lighting like no other. When electrical wiring does not allow multiple Hudson Valley pendants to be hung over the space, an island light comes in handy. With just one electrical box, this lighting product provides the same illumination as a few pendants while complimenting the mass of the kitchen Island.

• Wall sconces

Sconces are graceful light fixtures that add detail and refinement to rooms. They cast off warm pockets of light, essential in spaces such as long hallways and other areas that do not get much illumination. They exude elegance and sophistication that adds to the character of the room. Hudson Valley sconces include everything from old world designs in gold crystals to Art Deco classics and those with industrial trends, which fit seamlessly into homes and interior design of all kinds.

• Table and floor lamps

Floor lamps cater to task lighting needs. These accent lighting, can be placed perfectly next to drawing tables, couches etc. in the absence of end. Table lamps are classic staples in any room. They add accent lighting as well as task illumination next to seating. The range of Hudson Valley floor and table lamps are characterized by heirloom quality materials and designs that stand majestically in any space in the room. They provide visual interest while casting off warm light for reading, sewing, or ambience.

From traditional and conservative to transitional and even contemporary styles, there is at least one, if not more Hudson Valley light fixture that is sure to please you.