How Can I Make My Wood Flooring Stay Looking Great?

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There is no doubt that the wood floors add up a great aesthetic to any place and adds warmth to it. But to keep those precious wood floors live longer needs a little bit of attention and care that you being the homeowner must take. Therefore, from time to time, you must let an expert for wood flooring Paradise Valley analyze all your floors and tell you whether you need a refinishing or a complete replacement.

But, if you follow a certain routine, you will not need to replace the whole floor as it will cost you some serious money. Therefore, taking some regular precautions will make your floors look beautiful each passing day. Here are a few tips and routines that you must follow to make that precious wood flooring stay looking great for a long time.

Mop your floors the right way

Cleaning and moping your floor twice a week will make a huge difference and make your floors look clean all the time. But you must know that the oil, dirt, and dust will not come off the floor with the daily moping routine. Make sure that you are using a mop that is especially for the wood floors along with a liquid for the wood and read the instruction on that cleanser before using it. This will give your floor a deep cleaning and the saturated dirt will come off.

Prevent damage to wood

You cannot protect your wood floor from getting damaged but you can prevent it by taking the necessary measures. For that, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a pinched mop to clean the surface. This will help you in cleaning the dirt from the tough areas like corners. The easiest thing you can do is use a doormat at every entrance of the room so that the dirt and dust can get wiped off right at the door and the floor is prevented from any damage from soil or tiny rocks.

Refinish wood floors

According to the wood flooring Paradise Valley experts, it is always recommended to refinish your wood every 7 to 8 years to give them a new life and as a part of its maintenance. The sanding and refinishing of the floors will completely restore the damaged and old wood floors and you will get a completely new look to your space. In the refinishing process, you also have the option of changing the color of the floor with a stain.

Make use of rugs

Good quality rugs can always be placed on the wood floors as they add up to the beauty of it. You can put rugs on areas of heavy traffic or at those places where you feel the chances of the floor getting scratched are more. For instance, you can put a rug under the dining table or in the hallway. Putting the area rug at the entrance will help it absorb the moisture of the shoes and as a result, your floor will be saved from getting spoiled.

Protect floors from direct sunlight

The harmful rays of the sun can do heavy damage to the floor and you will start seeing discoloration to it. Therefore, to prevent all of that, make sure that you are using curtains and blinds for your windows and patio doors to avoid the long exposure of the floor to the sun.

Additional tips:

•  Never use a vacuum beater bar as it can cause heavy damage.

•  Wipeout any oil spills immediately with a soft cloth and pat it dry.

•  Make sure that you are not dragging anything on the wood floor to avoid any deep scratches.

•  Pets tend to scratch the wood floors. Therefore, make sure that if you have pets, keep their nails trimmed from time to time.

•  Make use of ice to take off any sticky material like chewing gum from the floor.

These tips are ought to be followed if you want your woof floors to age gracefully and live a lifetime. These tips are nothing complex, just a daily dose of cleaning and some precautions for the floors, and you will never have to worry about replacing them again. Take care of it just like any other member of your family. Happy flooring!