Great Reason to Buy House of Troy Lighting Floor Lamps

Available in wide varieties floor lamps offer a handy option for illuminating the area around you directly devoid of having to walk across the room to reach a switch. When it comes to the category of the portable group of lighting systems, chiefly designed in bigger and taller than table lamps, floor lamps can be effectively moved from one room to another and plugged in anywhere of your house to get an immediate flood of light.

They are a fantastic source of illumination and are extensively deployed in houses, office of planners, designers, and artists to light up working table, activity place, and shady corners of larger rooms. Thus, apart from using those as home decorative, with striking finishes shaded house of troy table lamps are highly adored to professionals who use them as task illumination systems with dedicated lighting. Some of the most popular forms of floor lamps are as under

Shaded Lamps

Traditionally used shaded lamps tend to be the solo kind of illuminating concept that you can view even in movies made centuries back. They are designed with heavy wooden or metal pedestal with a pole of a few feet in height that holds the lamp and remains surrounded by a great looking shade. Also known as console shade lamps these floor lamps are great choice to light up the space around your reading or activity table.

Torchere Lamps

Similar to shaded floor lamps, Torchere has shades pointing up. In other words, fitted with a bowl-shaped shade underside the bulbs it bounces light upward or toward ceiling direction. Instead of using them for direct floor lighting, they are mainly used for ambiance boost up purpose.

Arched Lamps

Arched lamps are designed with arched poles where the lights hang within a shade at the end. Mostly they’re found adjustable, which enhances their flexibility to use the source of light pointed to various angles. With house of troy floor lamps, you can get two great varieties including arm adjustable and height adjustable lamps. The arm adjustable integrates a movable swing that helps to change the lamp head slant. Height-adjustable lamps are made with more than one tripod to change the height or extent of lamp head manually.

What Makes House of Troy Floor Lamps Demanding  

Nowadays, floor lamps are available in a variety of designs complementary to all classes of home interiors regardless of its standard.

  • Add Appeal

In order to add extra allure to your drawing room, bedroom or library both contemporary and traditional concept based floor lamps can be chosen toning with the other furnishing and interior setting. Thus, they are simply great to give a smart cozy and welcoming look to your drawing room.

  • Reduce Eyestrain

Use of fluorescent lights in rooms happens to produce an iridescent effect that not only strains the eyes causing headache but distract mind as well. With wonderfully shaded floor lamps, stay away from the light from hitting your eyes and enjoy downward illumination. This also keeps the room environment extremely cool and relaxing.

  • Adjustable Illumination

Incorporated with dimmer the floor lamps can be adjusted for needful brightness. Thus when you read or children play in room, adjust the dimmer as per necessity of lighting. The feature never affects your eyes. Use them as dim lamps while watching television, listening to music as well for mental relaxation. Use of dimmer also reduces your electricity bill.

What is Your Best Bet?

Now you understand that not all types of floor lamps serve the similar purpose. Thereby, before buying, never forget considering the whole purpose of lighting. If you need lamps for reading purpose, shaded focused floor lighting is your best choice while for home décor; the right bet is Torchere floor lamps.

Similarly, while planning to buy adjustable floor lamps, the size of room or its height and the space required should be taken into thought. Whereas aesthetic is a key concern of floor lamps, decide the style, color and design bearing in mind the background. Finally, always go for high quality products come with robust construction and warranty.