Gardening Gifts for the Gardener in Your Life

You can never have too many things related to your passion, isn’t it? If you are looking for unique garden gifts for someone who loves gardening then you may find the following ideas useful.

Small Tools

Every gardener requires tool to nurture his or her labor of love. Small tools can break apart easily; requiring one to buy new ones often. So, it makes sense to buy tools of various kinds for the gardener in your life. Any budding or expert gardener will appreciate a quality hand pruner that is sturdy and is expensive to buy.

But if you want to buy a unique garden gift then a resting pad can come in handy. Gardeners need to spend a lot of time on their knees tending to different plants. A knee support is sure to receive a lot of appreciation when received as a gift item by a gardener.

You can of course also gift a whole tool set or various sizes of garden scissors. You can even an interesting tool seat instead of a pouch or a bag.

Beautiful Watering Devices

There is such a sheer variety now available in the market in terms of watering devices. If you want ideas for unique garden gifts then look no further than deep watering stakes with floral basins.

You can buy many deep watering devices that come with thick metal tubes and no ornamentation. But if you want well-designed deep watering stakes for indoor plants, individual trees, and smaller gardens then look for ones made with thin metal tubes with beautiful basins on top.

Watering cans in interesting shapes such as animals or birds are also ideal gifts for gardeners.

Personal Accessories and Products

Not the usual boring variety but boots in interesting designs such as plaids, flowers, and colorful prints can be unique garden gifts. Buy sturdy boots in rubber with non-slip soles. You can also check for interesting details such as buckles or reinforced toes. Instead of boots, you can also gift water-resistant garden booties in plain or printed designs.

Garden aprons indicate thoughtfulness behind the gift. You can buy aprons with witty statements or interesting prints for gifting purposes. In lieu of an apron, you can also gift statement t-shirts to use specifically during gardening tasks.

Hand creams, gloves, caps, sunglasses, and hats are also nice gift ideas for gardeners. You can add your unique touch to these items. For example, you can make handmade scented cream by mixing together coconut oil, lavender flowers, glycerin, and petroleum jelly in a glass bottle.


If you can’t think of any unique garden gifts then decorative accessories can come to your rescue. Garden sculptures in unique shapes such as bees holding tools, animals in meditative poses, and interesting stepping stones are some unique garden gift ideas.

Another interesting idea is a pollinator stake to attract specific birds and butterflies in a garden. Decorative blooms with a waterproof speaker system and Bluetooth technology can be an interesting gift.

How about solar lights? Gardeners can surely appreciate the gift of solar-powered lights to beautify their gardens in an eco-friendly manner.

Stained glass stakes and planters for the garden can also be nice gifts for gardeners. You can also buy them planter sets in different colors for the patio or indoor gardens.

Plants  and Seeds

Plants or seed kits are always ideal to gift to gardeners. You can create homemade seed pouches and wrap them in small packets made from burlap. You can also grow different herbs in small glass bottles and gift these with a planter stand. Instead of a planter stand, gifting wooden ladders or tables for the herbs bottles can also be a good idea.

If you know the gardener in your life desires to grow a vegetable garden then you can buy starter kits for him or her. For instance, if it is the season to grow carrots, a starter kit for this healthy vegetable can be a thoughtful gift for someone wishing to grow it.

Any practical gift idea that a gardener can use during or after various gardening tasks can be perfect for them.