How to Choose a Ceiling Fan for Your Home?

We pay minimal attention to the quintessential ceiling fans inside our home. Although important, the ceiling fans are paid least attention and considered at the last moment when building a home. There is a popular saying which says that one should buy a small ceiling fan for a small room and a large ceiling fan for a large room. However, choosing the right ceiling fan is of prominent importance for every home. With the correct size of the ceiling fan, you will be able to maximize its use and ensure higher performance.

Small rooms need smaller fans and the size of the same can be determined by measuring the height and width of the room. One of the most important criteria is the height of the room. The choice of ceiling fan will differ in case of a low hanging ceiling and in the case of a standard ceiling. A small fan in a large room will have to work twice as hard in order to cool you off. Similarly, a large fan in a small room will cause trouble due to its size. The perfect size will save you money and will remain durable. The size of the ceiling fan will depend on the room size and the ceiling height. If you have a standard ceiling, you should look for a fan with a short down rod and in case of a low ceiling, you should choose a flush mount ceiling fan.

Further, in larger living rooms you should choose a ceiling fan with larger blade span in order to maintain the air circulation across the room. This will push the air through the entire room with ease. You can also use multiple ceiling fans in a very large room in order to maintain the air flow evenly. In case of a vaulted ceiling, the down rod length of the fan could be different. Different heights require different down rod lengths and this needs to be considered when purchasing a fan. Determining the right ceiling fan size could be difficult, but you need to follow the rule of room size. The room size and the ceiling height will play an important role in the consideration of the right ceiling fan. If you do not want to get into the depth of blade span and the down rod, you can simply choose a fan based on the size of the room. It should not be too large or too small and should be able to provide consistent air flow throughout the room.

Ceiling fans are a prominent part of every room and they need to be given adequate importance when decorating the home. With the different styles and designs in the ceiling fans, it can become difficult to make the choice. Choose the one that blends with the interiors of your home, or simply choose a white ceiling fan with the ideal down rod that is suitable for the height of your room.