Basic Things You Need to Know About Sternreiter Clocks

Sternreiter clocks represent quality and craftsmanship. No single style of clocks dominates the Sternreiter timepiece collection.

The Clock Styles

From small wind-up alarm clocks to regulators, cuckoo clocks, and mantel clocks; there is something for everyone in the Sternreiter collection.

The alarm clocks –

The alarm clocks from Sternreiter are made with brass movements and are crafted in Europe. These come with a loud alarm sound; so no more sleeping because it really wakes you up.

These clocks offer a mechanism that is not found any more in the world obsessed with digital devices. These alarm clocks are made with quality materials meant to last for years to come. You can easily use one and pass it onto your children. Available in bright hues of green, orange, blue, and others; these Sternreiter clocks are perfect to use in contemporary homes.

The wall clocks –

The wall clocks from Sternreiter are crafted in wood and designed in old European styles of regulators.

You can buy chime wall clocks in cherry and oak that are perfect for the study or the office. Then there are clocks with skeleton mechanisms, bells sounds, and a falling weight to regulate the time. For those who prefer simpler clocks, a basic cabinet design with wood inlay work can be the ideal choice to use in the house or the office.

The regulators and the wall clocks from Sternreiter are for those who are open to adding a touch of the past in modern decorative settings. These artistic clocks are for those who respect history and are fascinated by times gone by – but still present in memory fragments and the literature.

The cuckoo clocks –

From ornate to simple; you can buy a variety of cuckoo clocks from Sternreiter. You can choose from chalet designs to unique styles featuring bucks and their antlers. The clocks are hand-carved with careful craftsmanship. You can also find cuckoo clocks from Sternreiter that run on the battery but produce sweet melody every hour and are crafted with the same care as the clocks with mechanical movements. You can hear the soft stream sounds in the background and the call of the cuckoo is real. The clock sensors automatically shut the cuckoo calls at night. Each cuckoo clock is unlike other in the Sternreiter collection with craftsmen leaving the mark on their creations.

The cuckoo clocks are also available in shades such as pale pink and midnight blue – and now how is that for charming?

The mantel clocks –

Mantel clocks from Sternreiter are charming little pieces perfect for any table or mantel. You can buy basic designs with no frills or opt for a dial with floral designs. The material is wood with crystal and brass features holding it together. You can also revel in the chime sounds that these Sternreiter clocks produce right on time!

The Brand

Sternreiter clocks represent a bridge between a time that has gone by and the present. But the manufactures also take it a step further by keeping in mind the time that is yet to come. Sternreiter clocks are upholders of not only time but also traditions.

A Sternreiter clock made in the style of the steeple – a design from the mind of a famed cabinetmaker in 1845 – is the true testimony of the values that this brand represents. The values of originality, the respect for creativity, and not skimping on resources when it comes to creating the finest clock models available in the world today are still alive in the brand Sternreiter.

A true modern montage –

The mechanical movements are available in modern colors. The battery-operated cuckoo clocks are also available.

The here and the now –

When you buy Sternreiter clocks, you are bringing home a timepiece that was devised years and years ago but finds relevance in the present also.

The forward movement –

Many Sternreiter clocks are now assembled in the USA; but still carry the legacy of their European origins. Several Sternreiter clocks are still made in Germany.  By mixing it up with different craft styles and traditions of separate markets, the consumers get a variety of designs that are truly a delight.